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#60 Tinkerbell Birthday Party Cakes and Decor & Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Tinkerbell Birthday party & coloring pages: Tinker Bell is a little fairy from the imaginary fairy world in a Disney franchise enchanted tale. According to the story, this little fairy is newly born in Neverland, the country of fairies, and up to find her talent among the fairies of Pixie […]

Tinkerbell Birtday party ideas and coloring pages

42 Lovely things on Arabian Hero Aladdin – Aladdin Party ideas and coloring pages

The famous Disney character Aladdin and his unbelievable adventures eternally fascinate us towards an imaginary world! The exclusive story of how one roadside boy has become the Sultan of Agrabah is the main attraction of these adventures. The best exceptional part of this Disney cartoon is that Aladdin is only […]

Some Useful Food and Activities Ideas for Summer Birthday Party

Summer is no doubt a bright season for itself but, this time of year seems a bit inflexible while it comes to the matter of a party, especially a birthday bash! As birthday parties always contain some fun activities, some spicy foods, and some gorgeous decorations including indoor games, particularly […]