My DIY Galaxy Painting Materials n Steps

DIY Galaxy Painting

Making galaxy painting is even easier to make and provide you a captivating showpiece for your room or wall. The galaxy painting is super exciting to view and tremendously easy to make. All you just need is one drawing sheet, some colors and some Epsom salt! Whenever you think of an easy yet cool project for your kids, try this one, and you will get a literally eye-catchy venture along with a low-cost method. You know the most applauding of these types of paintings that you can use such items as a brilliant background of any sort of other portraits! Let’s check out the making process below-

Supplies Needed:

To paint this type of painting you will need, one watercolor paper, blue tape, some paint brushes, one toothbrush, plastic made paintbrush with stick bristles, a strong surface like a cardboard, white fabric color, paint tray, one container filled with water, and watercolor paints.

How to Make:

  • At first, start your process by taping down the drawing sheet over that strong surface with that blue tape from all four sides.
  • Now, use the watercolors and scotch some different colors haphazardly over the sheet with a thick paintbrush.
  • Use your colors wisely over the sheet so then, you can get both light shade and darker shade in a contrasting way.
  • Apply one color when the another color is wet to bleed the colors one with another. Well, it is the best advantage of using watercolor that they merge with each other in the wet condition!
  • However, keep adding splotches of colors until you cover the entire white surface of that sheet, and let the page completely dry before jumping to the next stage.
  • When the page is dry out completely, add another layer of random colors to build up more depth of galaxy.
  • Make sure that you are painting a perfect type of galaxy on your sheet. For that pick out areas which you want to color darker and some areas which you want to paint lighter.
  • It is okay for the galaxy view that if you still keep some places of your sheet entirely white or uncolored, as this will give the whole surface the cloudy glance of the galaxy!
  • After adding at least 3 to 4 layers of haphazard colors dry the sheet entirely and then, go for the final step.
  • For the final step, dip the toothbrush in white color and flick it over the paper.
  • Make sure that your paper is dried out completely before flicking the white paint over it.
  • Keep on flicking this until you get the desired view of a galaxy over your drawing sheet.
  • When it’s all done, dry the spots perfectly and then hang it on your wall as a classy wall art.

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